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This is the official documentation of the MSQL query language, which is a powerful domain-specific language (from the SQL family) for analyzing and manipulating data stored in the Mireo SpaceTime Cluster.

MSQL is a proprietary dialect of SQL (Structured Query Language) designed to provide a common unified interface to distinct components comprising the Mireo SpaceTime Cluster. It supports implements a wide range of common SQL features and constructs seen in other popular DBMS-es (such as Postgres/PostGIS, MySQL, etc.), but it also has many unique features which make it particularly suitable for querying spatiotemporal/moving-object data stored in the SpaceTime Cluster.

MSQL queries are executed by a purpose-built MSQL query engine, which parses, optimizes, compiles and dispatches queries to individual SpaceTime Cluster components, and then combines the subresults into a final resultset. Due to the powerful optimization process (based on the Apache Calcite optimization framework) and just-in-time query compilation using LLVM, MSQL queries enable analysing datasets of billions of records in a matter of seconds.

This document describes all the features and functionality supported by the current version of the MSQL language and the Mireo SpaceTime Cluster. Click here to see what's new in the latest release of the MSQL & SpaceTime Cluster.

The MSQL documentation is divided into the following sections: